Server Support & Management

LVIT offers server support and administration for a variety of server types and brands. If it's Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft, SAP or your flavour of Linux, our technicians have the skills required to help your business manage your technology. Choose from our monthly support plan where you can schedule on-site or remote support services to assist with the day-to-day administration or our as-needed option to perform critical patches or troubleshoot problems.

Server Monitoring: 24x7 server monitoring allows our administrators to keep an eye on your critical systems ensuring that problems are addressed minutes after they happen. This kind of proactive monitoring prevents costly downtime, increases availability and ensures proper maintenance and stability.

Consultation and Best Practices: Are you expanding? Is your current infrastructure the result of countless years of ad hoc additions that have created an unmanageable network or resulted in sub-standard performance? Our consultants can help access your situation and assist you in making the best choice that fits your business' need. We offer both open source and proprietary solutions that account for every budget.