Network Support & Management

Your network is the backbone of your business. When it fails, you stop being productive and that translates into lost income for your business. The technicians at LVIT have extensive experience managing and troubleshooting network issues and its related hardware.

Network Monitoring: Having a set of skilled eyes monitor your network around the clock has its benefits. When hardware fails our technicians can quickly diagnose and resolve issues getting you back to business with a minimum of down time. Our monitoring services keep a steady eye on each piece of equipment that makes up your network, from your ISP connection to your firewall to each piece of networking gear.

Content Filtering: The web is full of distractions that keep employees from doing the work you need them to do resulting in lower productivity. With content filtering, you can foster a more productive environment by reducing or eliminating access to social media sites, unwanted chat mediums and any other sites you deem distracting. The result is not just a more professional operation, but one that reduces the use of bandwidth and exposure to possible risks that can affect production or even threaten systems and data.

Performance: How many times have you waited for the network to deliver a much-needed file? There's nothing more agonizing than working with a slow connection. It limits your production, wastes money and can be demoralizing to staff. Liberty Village IT can audit your network to ensure proper configuration, security and setup to help identify bottle necks, security holes and determine if your production load outstrips the networks capacity to do its job. We offer a number of inexpensive upgrades that will boost performance and increase production and will raise morale by helping your staff accomplish the tasks they've been assigned. Happy staff, higher production, greater manageability, that's money well spent.