Computer & Peripheral Support

Computers, regardless of form factor, are integral to a company's ability to enhance a workers output. Like any tool, computers require a minimum level of maintenance to ensure they're working in top order and to reduce chances of failure. That's why Liberty Village IT offers a variety of support services for all major brands of computer including Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Compaq and Lenovo. Each service can be custom tailored to meet your specific business objectives and budget.

On demand support: Our on-demand services enable you to call as needed to diagnose and repair a malfunctioning piece of equipment. Our secure online ticketing system allows users to report issues as they arise either by phone, email or direct access. To avoid excessive IT charges, direct access to our system requires ticket approval from an authorized manager before any action is taken. This method streamlines support workflows, creating an efficient system that results in faster response while keeping costs under control. Our ticket reporting systems enable us to capture data on the kind of issues you face and allow us to report on areas that are eating up your IT budget.

Proactive monthly support: Our monitoring tools keep track of the computers on your network, watching for changes that could affect security or threaten performance. Common issues that go unnoticed like drive health, virus updates, system and security patches are all monitored allowing us to provide you with a month to month report on the health of your systems.